Christmas cookie week

Get excited because I’ll be posting Christmas cookie recipes all week long!

Today is not a new recipe, but it’s a different way to make my favorite whole wheat sugar cookie recipe

I love these cookies for so many reasons…


First & foremost, they are delicious, and everyone loves them

Second, they are 100% whole wheat

Third, the cookies only have 5 TBSP sugar in them

And last but not least, they are adorable.


When I made them in February for Valentine’s Day, I cut them into heart shapes and decorated them with pink & red sprinkles.

I’ve made them many {many} more times since and usually just make them into little balls and decorate them with some sprinkles and bake.

But I do love how easy these are to roll out and cut into shapes. It drives me crazy when the dough sticks to the counter. These are great because they almost never get sticky, and when they do, you just stick the dough back in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

For Christmas, I tried them a new way – candy cane shapes! They are so fun to make!


Make the dough like normal, then split half the dough and color it red or do it in three different colors like I did. Then twirl them into long strips of dough and twirl them together. Then cut into 4 inch pieces and shape into candy canes.

Now, these aren’t perfectly red & white but they still do the trick. You can even do red & green candy canes or green & white ones.

I haven’t made all the cookies for this week yet, so let me know if you have any ideas for Christmas cookies you’d like to be made a wee bit healthier :)


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